Online Nickname: “jangowolf


Hello, I am Salim Hakima. This will be my 3rd time running as a ENNIES judge. I am a freelance filmmaking and Video Game Designer. I am always willing to try a new TTRPG and I enjoy discussing them on twitter.

Why do you play/run RPGs?

I enjoy the creative freedom they offer that video games do not. I also enjoy the collaborative playstyle required to play them. I have met a lot of interesting people and made several friends playing them.

The ENNIES requires a major commitment of time and energy. What resources do you have that will help you discharge these responsibilities? Will your gaming group or other individuals be assisting you? Does your family support you?

Typically my family, friends, and gaming group assists me.

Judging requires a great deal of critical thinking skills, communication with other judges, deadline management, organization, and storage space for the product received. What interests, experience, and skills do you bring that will make you a more effective judge?

As a film making and game designer I have trained to be proficient at all of those things. I am quick to respond to messages, I have critical thinking skills, I am well organized, and I have been a GM and player. Additionally, I have invested in several hard drives with considerable size for store vast amounts of information.

What styles and genres of RPGs do you enjoy most? Are there any styles or genres that you do not enjoy? Which games best exemplify what you like? Do you consider yourself a fan of a particular system, publisher, or genre?

I don’t really have a preferred system I like to run or play. I do enjoy combat heavy systems and narrative focused systems. Recently I have committed to running or playing in a campaign for every system at least once. So far I managed to finally get a Heart: City beneath campaign off the ground.

List (up to 5) games you’ve played in the last 2 years. What drew you to playing them? Which did you like best and why?

Heart: City Beneath, I have always wanted to play it ever since I read it.

Pathfinder 2e; Pathfinder was my first real introduction to TTRPGs. So I wanted to play the second one.

Old School Essentials, people keep talking about THACO and how old school how different old ttrpgs play compared to the new ones. So I had to try it out. For research.

Wh40k: Imperium Maledictum, I played all the old systems and was hopeful this new system addressed all the complaints of the old one.

City of Mist, a narrative focused TTRPG that I really wanted to play. It was a lot fun to play as a detective with fire powers.

Have you been a game master in the past 2 years? If yes, what games have you run? What made you decide to run those games?

I have run Dark Heresy 2e, Witcher, Imperium Maledictum, and Fallout 2d20. I run TTRPG to flex my storytelling and game design skills. I like trying new systems, having fun with others, and it makes for a nice hobby.

Summarize the criteria you would use to determine if a game deserves to be nominated for Best Game.

I evaluate the quality of the product, how useful it is for a player/GM, target audience and if others can enjoy it, and determine if it is a good quality for the price. I then try to use the product as it is intended during a quick game.

How will you judge supplements or adventures for game systems whose core rules you are unfamiliar with or you believe are badly designed?

If I am unfamiliar with it I try to research the system. I don’t think a badly designed system should have a effect on the review of a supplement or adventure for it.

How would you like to see the ENNIEs change? What should remain inviolate?

I think the ENNIES should host more events at Gen Con and at other ttrpg related conventions.