Introduction and Platform

I am a freelance game designer and filmmaker. I have made a few board games at SCAD that I plan on publishing at some point in the future. I am most active on twitter where I retweet and support other ttrpg projects, writers, and artists. This will be my second time as a judge and I reviewing all the submissions. There is a lot more creativity out there and i would love to review more of it.

Why do you play/run RPGs?

To go on heroic adventurers with friends, family, or random strangers I meet on the internet.

The ENNIES requires a major commitment of time and energy. What resources do you have that will help you discharge these responsibilities? Will your gaming group or other individuals be assisting you? Does your family support you?

I will have support from my family and gaming group.

Judging requires a great deal of critical thinking skills, communication with other judges, deadline management, organization, and storage space for the product received. What interests, experience, and skills do you bring that will make you a more effective judge?

I have previous experience as a ENNIES judge, filmmaker, game designer, and E-sports broadcaster. I can handle this requirements easy.

What styles and genres of RPGs do you enjoy most? Are there any styles or genres that you do not enjoy? Which games best exemplify what you like? Do you consider yourself a particular system’s, publisher’s, or genre’s “fanboy/fangirl/fanperson”?

I mostly enjoy adventure dungeon crawl based RPGs but I am open to trying out anything at least once.

What games have you played in the past year? List up to 10 RPGs you have played the most. Which ones, if any, have you loved or hated?

Dark Heresy 2e, Warhammer fantasy 4e, Dungeons and Dragons 5e, and Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader. I haven’t had time to play much. I had a lot of fun running WHF4e for my DH2e group.

Briefly summarize the criteria you will use for judging products in the different categories.

I will be judging on readability, quality, and fun of the product. If possible I will select products that cover different genres because not everyone likes the same thing.

How will you judge supplements or adventures for game systems whose core rules you are unfamiliar with or you believe are badly designed?

I keep a open mind and do some quick research or watch a lets play of the rules in action. As long as the adventure or the supplement is good and adds a new experience tot he core game it will be judged separately.

How would you like to see the ENNIEs change? What should remain inviolate?

Podcasts should be submitted in small samples of 15min with a introduction explaining what it is in either written or in 2min of the sample. Additionally something similar for website submissions.

BONUS: (optional) If you were an RPG, what would it be and would you play it?

A rules lite system that only requires D6s. Players go on a large variety of genre crossing adventures to save the multiverse.