Online Nickname: Cmndcorg

Introduction and Platform

I am into a little bit of everything gaming. I also went to school for design and understand the use of good packaging and readability on products.

Why do you play/run RPGs?

The friends and community I’ve grown to be a part of first of. Secondly it has allowed me to create art and stories with friends.

The ENNIES requires a major commitment of time and energy. What resources do you have that will help you discharge these responsibilities? Will your gaming group or other individuals be assisting you? Does your family support you?

Both my family and gaming group would be able to assist me. We all are gaming nerds and support each other especially when we can try our new board games together!!!

Judging requires a great deal of critical thinking skills, communication with other judges, deadline management, organization, and storage space for the product received. What interests, experience, and skills do you bring that will make you a more effective judge?

My career is all based around working with other people and communicating around right deadlines so I feel confident there. Additionally I assist with a diversity equity and inclusion team as an LGBTQ spokesperson so I feel that would allow for perspective into games. As for my personal life I tend to dabble in tabletop and online gaming and have been playing a majority of my life either as a DM or PC.

What styles and genres of RPGs do you enjoy most? Are there any styles or genres that you do not enjoy? Which games best exemplify what you like? Do you consider yourself a particular system’s, publisher’s, or genre’s “fanboy/fangirl/fanperson”?

I like most actually but have a soft spot for quick family friendly games. I also love D&D and anything D&D adjacent. Recently I would say spire city must fall has been inspiring to me and exemplifies what I like most.

What games have you played in the past year? List up to 10 RPGs you have played the most. Which ones, if any, have you loved or hated?

D&D, Clue, Nemesis (loved it), honey heist, spire, MTG, lucidity. Nemesis was my top pick this year. It was challenging and fun and each time it played out different. It was a bit hard to pick up at first but after a few trial runs our group got the hang of it. Additionally you can paint the minis so that was an extra win!

Briefly summarize the criteria you will use for judging products in the different categories.

Readability and understanding. Followed by packaging and art. And most importantly how fun was the game and would it be replayable with others. I would also keep an eye out for ensuring the materials didn’t take advantage of marginalized groups or was culturally insensitive.

How will you judge supplements or adventures for game systems whose core rules you are unfamiliar with or you believe are badly designed?

Honestly, even if the games core rules are bad or I’m unfamiliar there still is a lot to take from that and be truthful with others too. Ensuring I keep myself honest with the task as hand while also being critical of what can be honed upon.

How would you like to see the ENNIEs change? What should remain inviolate?

I think it’s in a decent spot right now all in all. I would like to see maybe less D&D type games and maybe lean more on new avenues of content. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about D&D content but I feel a nice change of pace on other type of games would be awesome.

BONUS: (optional) If you were an RPG, what would it be and would you play it?

Probably a tabletop adventure game set in a futuristic world that seems like a utopian on the surface but as the story progresses you truly understand how dire things are elsewhere.