ENNIES Judge Applications Open

Applications to be a judge for the 2024 ENNIE Awards are now being accepted at https://ennie-awards.com/judge-application/

Judges are elected via online ballot held from July 14th to July 23rd. Judges will review hundreds of submissions, electronic and physical, and then collaborate with each other to nominate 5 products for each of 20+ categories. Online voting will then determine which of the nominated products takes home the Gold and Silver ENNIE.

Judges will need some experience with role-playing games, the ability to work as part of a team, excellent time management skills, and must be highly motivated, as many of the 900+ submissions expected will arrive in waves, especially near the end of the eligibility period. Judges must be 18 years old, and may not have held any paid position with any eligible publisher for the 6 months prior to becoming a judge, and for 12 months after election.

The full rules for judges may be found at https://ennie-awards.com/mission-statement-and-participant-code-of-conduct/